Bill Middlebrook, President, Penn Yan Aero, announced that, beginning immediately, Penn Yan Aero’s warranty will be 100% parts and labor for three years or to Lycoming’s or Continental’s maximum recommended time between overhaul (TBO), whichever comes first. The Penn Yan Aero overhauled engine warranty is supported worldwide and is transferable from one owner to another.

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Concorde Offers New Aircraft Battery Parasitic Load Tester
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Concorde Battery Corporation has released a new parasitic load tester (PLT) to measure the parasitic load/drain on aircraft batteries when the master switch is off and the aircraft is inactive. The tester is designed to mate with a MS3509-style quick-disconnect receptacle. This innovative PLT was conceived and engineered in response to concerns in the aviation community about the effect of parasitic loads/drains on battery capacity, state of charge, airworthiness, and battery life.

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AvTek's Pulsar MOSFET Has PMA/STC Approval
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AvTek, LLC now has PMA/STC approval for its Pulsar MOSFET pulse landing light system, which allows better mid-air collision prevention.

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Superior Air Parts, Inc. Begins Shipping Millennium Cylinders
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Representatives of Superior Air Parts, Inc. announced recently that the company has begun the next phase of its product reintroduction efforts by beginning the delivery of production quantities of new Millennium cylinders to its global dealer network.

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Sporty's Offers Finish-Up Flight Training
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Thousands of aspiring pilots begin a flight training program but never finish. Demands of work or family, finances, an illness, a conflict with a flight instructor, or a learning hurdle can keep even dedicated students from achieving their goals. Sometimes, it’s just a pause; sometimes, it’s years before the student returns, and sometimes the student never does.

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Chuck McGill Renews Master CFI Accreditation
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Master Instructors, LLC takes great pride in announcing a significant aviation accomplishment on the part of Charles R. McGill, the 2009 Western Pacific Region CFI of the Year and resident of San Diego, California. Recently, Chuck's accreditation as a Master CFI (Certificated Flight Instructor) was renewed by Master Instructors, LLC, the international accrediting authority for the Master Instructor designation, as well as the FAA-approved Master Instructor Programä. McGill first earned this national professional accreditation in 2002, has held it continuously since then, and is one of only 25 worldwide to earn the credential five times.mcfi chuck mcgill ca feb11-1


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