I have a 1968 180D. The right wing is heavy. The ailerons are rigged correctly, but would like to lower the right flap a tad to raise the right wing. How can you adjust the flap. I saw the screw on the inboard trailing edge but can't get to it. Does that screw/ bolt have to come out to access the turnbuckle. I'm cornfused. I can't access the screw. Thanks in advance for any feedback. Great site, I'm glad I ran across it and became a member.


  • I have the same problem. The fix is not as simple as turning the adjusting nut. Try down loading the Service manual and look for the answer there.

  • Hi, make sure you have an A&P looking at your work. This is really his domain. Having said that, I've had to adjust flaps many times of the years. The service manual for the airplane gives a very specific and precise method of rigging the airplane.

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