PA-38 Tomahawk Pre-buy Inspection

Hi all, new member here. Recently earned my PPL and am looking for a decent time builder and potential instrument rating platform. Anyway, I've pretty much narrowed my wish list down to the Tomahawk.

Found one that I'm interested in for sale in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Before I make any moves, I need to get a pre-buy inspection done. Hoping for some help with the following:

  1. Anyone have a good prebuy checklist for the A&P to follow, or should I just trust them to do their job?
  2. Anyone know a decent A&P in that area that is familiar with the Tomahawk?


  • A pre-buy on a Tomahawk is fairly simple so don't sweat it too much. Check for un-done air worthiness directives (AD's) and Service Bulletins (SB's), check the airplane for corrosion, cracks, bad brakes, looseness in the flight controls, check the canopy for cracks, scratches, etc, check the engine for compression, leaks, TBO and check all avionics to make sure if they work. If you're not sure about the avionics, get back to me and I'll help you out. Here are a couple of service centers:

    Sun Aviation Inc
    3106 CHEROKEE RD
    VERO BEACH FL 32960 US
    772 562-9257

    Air Orlando Maintenance Inc
    ORLANDO FL 32803 US
    407 897-3819

    Good luck and let me know if I can help more!
    Scott Sherer
    Piper Owner Society

    Scott Sherer
    FAA Master Pilot
    Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.
    Need help? Let me know!

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