Aztec Oil Pressure issue

After having the engines on my 76 turbo F model Aztec (Lycoming TIO-540-C1A) repaired due to corrosion issues (cam & lifters) at Poplar Grove Airmotive (PGA), I am now chasing a low oil pressure issue which occurs only post flight. After landing, with power at or near idle while taxiing in, the oil pressure on both engines drops to 25 PSI or below. No one can seem to determine why. Cruise oil temp and pressures are good 180+/70-75 PSI. Oil consumption has been averaging 1 quart every 8 hours during the break-in. The turbochargers were overhauled at the engine repair event. PGA is sending one turbocharger back to the overhaul facility to determine if this may be the issue. Again this is occurring on both engines, but only after flight when the oil is hot.
Anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this?
Thanks much! Happy Holidays!

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