New to ownership--this is my Turbo Arrow IV

Still cannot quite believe that she's mine :) Picture was taken in Texas, during the trip to the new home near Seattle.


  • OMG, it's an Arrow IV! Wowzers! What an airplane! :)

    Scott Sherer
    FAA Master Pilot
    Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.
    Need help? Let me know!

  • Thanks Scott! I like it too.. but I might be somewhat biased :D

  • Beautiful Aircraft!!

  • Stunning plane with nice wing tips !!!

    Paulo Hatschbach
    Private Pilot

  • Nice. Welcome


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

  • Thanks guys! :)
  • Brings back fond memories - some must do mods if you haven't got them already:
    1) GAMi injectors
    2) Merlyn waste gate controller
    3) engine monitor with FF
    Less important but nice:
    4) K2U wing root fairing
    5) Lopresti wheel well fairings
    6) K2U fuselage flap fairing
    7) K2U flap gap seals

    I would not do the K2U aileron and elevator seals again.

    Our T-IV always did better than book speeds with a 3 blade prop.

    Feel free to email me about the above.


  • Thank you, Don, much appreciated! I will send you a PM—I do have some specific questions regarding what you mentioned.

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