My Cherokee 6

67 PA32-260. Moved up from PA28-140 that has a new home in South Dakota. The Six is a joy to fly. I bought her as a wreck a few years ago and put her back together with my A&P/ IA while working towards my A&P.


  • Wow, she looks nice! Must be particularly satisfying knowing that you healed her and put her back in the sky yourself.

    What is your typical cruise speed/fuel burn?

  • You did an excellent job! Most impressive :)

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    Beautiful job! It's got to be great to be able to do your own work on it! I love the extra door, seats, and bigger payload the 6 has too. Sweet plane!

  • Beautiful aircraft! Nice job and nice save!

  • Thanks all. She does around 140 knots at 65% on14 gph or so. I’ve got around 20 hours on the engine since we did the field overhaul. My wife really likes the smooth ride and the extra room.

  • Awesome just finished a restoration on 1980 Pa 32 r301 .

  • Sweet! Good lookin' ship...

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