Back in the Piper Family

Recently became a Piper owner again after a fling with another manufacturer for a couple of years. I had an Archer before that and decided it was time for another one of these fantastic aircraft. I got lucky and found this well cared for 2000 model up near Boston.


  • Very pretty! Love the paint scheme. Impressive equipment too! Do you fly IFR a lot? What kind of engine monitor do you have? Can’t quite tell from the picture...
  • Absolutely gorgeous! What airport are you at? How about leaving the keys in it for me, lol :) I promise to bring it back when it's out of fuel!

    Scott Sherer
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  • Hello Kzadora !
    From the picture the engine monitor looks like the JPI EDM-830

    Paulo Hatschbach
    Private Pilot

  • Thanks Paulo!

  • Hey Guys, sorry for my delay in responding.
    I'm based at KCQF, Sonny Callahan in Fairhope, Al.
    This Archer came to me with a JPI 700 with fuel flow.
    We upgraded the display to the 830 screen-direct plug and play with the 700, except I added the RPM probe, and am about to place the probe for Manifold Pressure.
    I appreciate the nice comments. Thanks!

  • Where are you putting the manifold pressure sensor?


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

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