Lance, Lo Presti, Garmin and more

Parting out my Lance
This is just a starter list. Please contact if need a part of a Lance that isn’t listed.

All avionics will be bench tested by Ga Avionics before delivery and payment.
GNS W 530 with gps and com antenna, tray and all necessary parts 9.5k
Gi 106. 800.00
GNS 530 with gps and com antenna, tray and all parts 7k
Gi 106 800.00
Collins P101 HSI newly overhauled last July 2k
GMA 340 audio panel with tray 800.00
GTX 327. With tray and antenna 600.00

stec 55x w iauto trim (auto trim feature is 5k new and is included in the price below). the cost for S-Tec to transfer to your plane is 1600. I will put you in touch with my contacts at S TEC for STC questions before the purchase. It includes all brackets , screws, and wiring connectors, turn coordinator and more . The roll servo overhauled 1.5 years ago. Total package is 13k. New this is 30k if you have a Piper lance it is a direct fit for the STC. This autopilot does everything but lower the gear and move the throttle.

New glare shield 100

Thick windshield two piece only three years old 200

Pilots window thick with vent 1.5 yrs old 75.00

2nd window pilots side 1.5 old and thick 50.00

All other windows in great shape no hazing 40.00 each

Brand new Concord sealed battery used 30 min. 150

Club seats (includes mounting board and seat belts) and pilot seats 5k

All landing gear, wheels and tires, 3k for all 3. They cost 3k each on eBay

LO presti speed mods for lance or Saratoga I have all of the prices for the Stc from LoPresti’s to transfer for your plane For the entire kit of LoPresti 15k. If you bought the entire kit from LoPresti 55k.

If interested I have the original and STC. Prices for all Lo Presti parts
Speed spats
Wing tips with halogen lights
Flap and gap seals
Hubba caps
Howl cowl

Landing gear power pack 750

Fuel selector valve 500

Landing gear hydraulic cylinders 500 each Parker harifin

Interior parts just ask

Piper control Yokes with joints 300 each

Plane has not been parted yet. If you need it or think you ever will just ask!

top prop ..three blade prop for sale as is or I can have it repaired and overhauled.


  • Garmin parts are all sold, prop sold, elect AI sold, interior panels sold, windshields sold, stec sold but Auto trim unit still for sell all Lo Presti parts sold hsi sold.

  • Looks like you're making great progress. Thanks so much for the update.

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

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