Fuel Sender

I have a 1986 Saratoga SP. THe right fuel gauge was not working intermittently ( Panel gauge). I eventually bough a refurbished gauge. It has once again , doesn’t work. I suspect the problem is the fuel sender. I looked at the new digital ones: out of my budget especially with costs of installing. Any suggestions for a fuel sender replacement ?


  • Hi and thanks for writing. Two years ago I went through this with my PA-34 Seneca. I had my shop send my four senders out for overhaul. While they were away, we looked at the wiring and replaced both ends of each wire. Keep in mind that the wiring hasn't been touched in your airplane since 1986 and an intermittent connection may be your culprit. The system is simple but unfortunately, old. So, overhaul the senders, check the wiring as best you can and make sure that the wire attached to the gauges is tight and secure, too. Good luck.

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