New member and new to me 1970 Cherokee 140

Found it in a hangar August 2017 just like this! Old owner was trying to make it new firewall forward and gave up! His loss and my golden opportunity.... He purchacesd new Plane Power Alternator, Skytech Starter, PowerFlow Exhaust, Slickmag kit with wires and plugs, carb, electric fuel pump, gascolator, oil cooler, all firewall seals and a mountain of new hardware.....I know im forgetting some stuff that came with it new. I have purchased new fuel lines, primer lines, oil lines, vacuum pump, 3 tires & tubes, interior kit from Airtex. Every bolt, nut, washer, screw, and clamp that has been put on it is new.

It has went from this:

To this:

Fisrt engine start was a week ago! All went well (NO FIRE) LOL


  • Welcome! You have a “new” aircraft! Hope to see photos when completed. Looks great already.

  • Looks like a 1970 model year?

  • Sorry, looked pictures first, and not headline!

  • Engine run went well, only issue was oil temp! Hopefully it is just the sending unit, gauge needle did not move at all. A&P will address that issue next week.
    After next engine run we will do a compression test. If that checks out ok, then it is on to some minor repairs aft of the firewall. Then its off to the annual and checking all the AD’s
    Aircraft came with all logs back to the day it was delivered new from the plant, as well as a three ring binder with all the AD’s that were complied with up to its last annual. Juging from the stack of recipts for work throughout its lifespan, i might have every recipt. LOL

  • I'm looking forward to your report on first flight!

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  • Me too Scott!!!! You can bet I will be posting it!!!!!

  • Welcome. That looks great.


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

  • Great Looking Plane - Be sure to keep us updated. Best of Luck!

  • Nice Plane. The Powerflow exhaust was really great on my 140.

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