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Hello, this winter I will be replacing my 150 hp engine on my 1976 Warrior. I think I will be going with Penn Yan, pretty much fire wall forward will be new, with the 160 hp conversion for 22-24k.
Just wondering..
1. What should I be looking for that I may have missed, this will be my first engine replacement.
2. Will my old prop on the 150hp engine still work on the 160? I believe it will.
3. I cant find a price anywhere for the 180hp conversion. I doubt that I would do it as the benefits dont seem to make the price worth it, but still I would like to know for sure.

Thanks for the help.



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    Hi, thanks for writing. Penn Yan is an A+ company and if they tell you that they are doing FWF, then go with it. The only thing you're missing from a dollars and sense point of view is R&R, or engine removal and reinstallation, which could cost in the neighborhood of $5k. And don't forget shipping expense both ways. Once the engine is removed, your A&P should look at the firewall, engine mount, etc for anything needing maintenance or repair. When the engine comes back, look at the engine baffling. If they haven't replaced it, have your shop make sure it's okay. If not, replace it before putting the engine back. Regarding prop, it should be okay. Check with your prop maker to be sure. As for 180hp: You'd love it. Essentially you'd make your Warrior into an Archer. A little faster cruise, faster climb, faster off the runway and a higher useful load. It might be worth checking into. Good luck.

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