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I just recently purchased a 1965 Cherokee 180. I'm trying to learn more about it. It's getting ready to go through annual so I haven't flown it yet. I did notice the pilots' seat feels a little narrow and has a firm spot in it on the seat on my right side. These are the short seats. Is there a way to get the newer high back seats in her? I'm guessing she may need new foam in the old ones. I'm really pumped about this purchase.




  • Here's a picture...

  • Congratulations. I’m certain our moderator, Scott, will give you more info soon. Good luck

  • Thanks Kent and hello Bob. Welcome to the airplane ownership club. Anything you need in the way of information is available here, for the most part. I can do research for you and we have other members that chime in, too. So here's the first thing to do. You need to purchase two manuals for your airplane and here are multiple links to get them. I'm referring to the service manual and parts manual. If you don't have an owners manual you can get that too. Here are the links: and . Inside the parts manual you'll find information about what part numbers we can look for, etc. These manuals are usually $50 and you can get them in either printed or pdf download format. Go ahead and get these and we can talk some more. While you're learning you can contact me three ways. Here on the forums, via email and via phone. So again, welcome and congrats on your new airplane :)

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  • Congrats!

  • Congrats Bob,
    I too have a '65 180C and I've thought about putting newer style high back seats in mine as well
  • Congratulations! Welcome to the club

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  • Regarding seats....I just bought an Arrow and the front seats are low and the backs are short. I went onto Amazon and bought a 3” seat cushion for about $35 and love the thing. Even with the short seat backs, I am much more comfortable and have great visibility over the panel. Maybe not a permenant solution, but a much cheaper one. I’m sure I can find a link to the cushion I bought if anyone wants it.


  • Thanks so much for the info. If you can get the link, please do post it. Many of us are interested.

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