Restoration project warrior

Hello everyone,
A little over a year ago I became the proud owner of this poor forgotten PA28-161. Its previous owner stopped flying about 11 years ago and left his plane sitting at my local airport for all that time. A friend of mine and I bought the plane and began restoring her to flying status. Almost exactly 1 year after we purchased it, she flew again. There is still a lot to do. Paint, interior, and avionics all need updating, but for now I have a nice daily flyer.


  • You should win the Nobel airplane prize for having a big heart! She's looking much better and restoring what could have been a derelict to airworthy status is a good reason for sainthood, in my opinion. Cudo's to you and your friend!

    Scott Sherer
    FAA Master Pilot
    Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.
    Need help? Let me know!

  • I agree with Scott! Great job to save a plane from the salvage yard!

  • Looking good sir!

    Rich Denton
    EAA Chapter 175

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