wing spar inspection question

Hello Scott, and others.

Looking ahead to the wing spar issue coming my way I was wondering how the techs will get to the wing spar attatchment points on my warrior. I have no inspection hole there, so will I have to put one in?

I know there is a SB for adding an inspection hole but I don't think it applies to the -151 or any other -1 aircraft, though I think its a good idea and I just might go and do it anyway.

See attached photo from the AD


  • They may unrivet the wing walk panel on the right side by the door and the similar panel on the left side. We'll just have to wait and see when the actual AD comes out. I've given this some thought, too. I had my wing walk plate by my door replaced due to cracks just a couple of months ago and the spar was immediately visible.

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  • Interesting..
    Thanks Scott.
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