Cherokees to Oshkosh Adds Eighth Mini-Clinic

If you are considering joining Cherokees to Oshkosh for Mass Arrival X, attendance at a minimum of one of our Mini-Clinics is required. There are no charges for the Mini-Clinics.

We have just added an eighth Mini-Clinic in Aiken, SC (KAIK) on February 22-24 (attendance on Saturday the 23rd is required, but you will learn a lot more and make some great friends by joining us for the weekend).

Details on all of the Mini-Clinics can be found at In the middle of the page is a contact form if you would like more information from the hosts (just pick a clinic in the pop-up menu). A link to register for the Mini-Clinics is at the top of the page.

Attending one of our clinics is a great way to see if this is something you would enjoy. Most pilots say "yes it is."


  • Thanks for the update, Mitch.

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