Sheepskin Smell

I bought sheepskin covers for my Arrow from Sporty’s (they source them from SuperLamb in California); my cockpit smells like lamb!! Will this go away after a while?? Or should I Febreeze the hell out of it!?


  • My experience with 3 “rounds” of covers...they DO fade in fragrance over time. Worth it for the comfort

  • Sweet! Thanks!
  • just put little pants on the legs and then take a teaspoon of mint jelly every time you use them. :D

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    A can or two of baked beans should eliminate the lamb smell, lol :)

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  • An Evergreen air freshener? Lol

  • You guys are a hoot!!! :D

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  • Gotta love the smell of 100LL (and sheepskin) in the morning :D
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