Hello all! New menber here with piper Archer 2.

Been flying for about 5 years now and got my Archer right out of the school. I did a big panel update this summer and I am planing on keeping that baby for a long time.


  • Welcome aboard and Wow! What a panel! :) You did a great job!

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  • Amazing panel! Our Archer’s could almost be twins...ie..panels! How has the GFC 500 been so far? I had some porpoising intially,,,cables needed adjusting. G5’s are functioning flawlessly...Where was your installation shop? I was at Sportys..Cincinnati Avionics. I was their second GFC install.

  • What year Archer? I’m in an 84.

  • Photos..

  • Thanks for the warm welcome.
    It’s a year 77 and has already been through many updates like new paint, new carpeting, new windows, new seats and more but the avionics was the most exiting project. I was very happy with the job that VIP Avionics did here at khfd. It was their first install in a Piper with a pair of G5’s and after the test flight they were very impressed with the G500 capabilities. It was in the shop for over 5wks and since I picked it up I’ve not had to go back and I really like those g5’s and the whole setup works flawlessly together. I really like it.
  • Post photos of exterior and interior. I like to see renovated aircraft! I was in the shop for 6 weeks. But worth the wait! Garmin has a great system in place

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    Before panel upgrade.
    Nice upgrade you have there! I like JPI monitor, that was my first choice but due to the limited room I had to go the Insight way.
  • Gorgeous!!! I would keep that one also!!! Thanks for sharing. Mine is in pristine condition.no wear or tear on the interior..only 1200 original hours..but I would still like to redo interior.

  • I am really jealous! Nice panel, I am still working on doing a panel upgrade but not to the extent you have...will take me a bit more time to get to where you are on my little Warrior.

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