Just bought my first plane!

I bought a 1970 Cherokee-6-300! I'm looking forward to learning how to fly it, and seeing the country with my wife and 3 kids!


  • Hi Manny,
    Congrats on the Six! I had a 1969 "260" back in the mid-80's and took it from Hartford, CT to the West Coast and back in the summer of 1987. The "6" a great-solid aircraft and can haul a bunch. Note, I'm one of the Avionics Advisors on he Piper Avionics Forum and the one writing the avionics in a magazine for the last six months. If you need help in that area, I'm happy to help. Note sure what you've been flying but if you haven't discovered it yet, you can't land it like a Warrior or 172! Cutting power a 200 feet and timing the flair before the energy is gone can be tough. I watched the guys landing light twins and emulated there "approach" (literally!). They carry power all the way to the flair. I would carry about 1500 rpms and cut power and flair at the same time. Worked good for me! Good luck. Bob Hart www.AvionixHelp.com
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    Congrats! We also just purchased our first....a 1969 Cherokee 235. An awesome flyer and stable IFR platform. Just joined Piper Owners tonight and look forward to learning more about this machine!
  • A Six for your first plane .... Sweet .... I have a 69 180D and would love a six for the load capabilities and wide cabin, but not yet.
    I wish you all the best with your new Six and to a speedy Private and Instrument rating....

  • The Cherokee 6, and the 235, both are great planes. I will admit to useful load envy compared to my Warrior, mine is easier to feed though. Welcome to the ownership camp. Fly safe with those VIP's onboard. Remember you never HAVE to be anywhere, adjust plans as needed.
  • My son has has '79 Cherokee 6- 300 and loves it. His only problem is starting it when it is hot!

  • The Cherokee 6 cabin is the best! The Saratoga, Lance and Seneca all came from that cabin. Piper got it right and we have all benefited. I have a Seneca and owe the spacious cabin to the Cherokee 6. Starting when hot isn't too difficult. Turn on the fuel pump with the mixture off for a minute or so when the engine is hot to blow the vapor back into a tank. :) Good luck!

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