My Turbo Arrow IV from Colombia, South America with pictures

Hello friends, I've been a member for more than a year but I didn't dare to write before. I'm Carlos, from Colombia. I am a private pilot for 6 years and 5 years ago I bought a Turbo Arrow IV, year 1980. I am happy with my plane, I travel with my family everywhere, I have gone to Panama, Aruba, etc.. In Colombia the landscapes are spectacular and you can fly in mountains as well as in beautiful valleys and seas. Welcome to these lands. A big greeting to all the Piper community.

I started flying as a child at Culver Summer Schools in Indiana when they had aviation courses there. It was only when I turned forty that I decided to finish my aviation course. In 2013 I obtained my private pilot's license with the addition of instruments. During the course, a friend told me that there was a perfect plane for me, which I decided to buy and thank God everything has turned out perfect. I have flown all over the country and many times I fly over 12,500 ft. because in Colombia there are many mountainous areas. I invite you to visit our beautiful country.

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Carlos Olivella


  • I am very honored that you put a message on our forums with your photographs. Beautiful airplane, beautiful country and excellent family! I have been to Columbia several times with my wife and I've enjoyed it very much. What city do you live in?

    Thanks again for writing!

    Scott Sherer
    Wright Brothers Master Pilot, FAA Commercial Pilot
    Aviation Director, Piper Owner Society Forum Moderator and Pipers Author.

    Need help? Let me know!

  • Hi Scott, the more honored I am to be able to converse with all of you. I live in Valledupar, in northern Colombia. My airport is SKVP. I'm glad you know Colombia. Where have you been and why? You know you have a new friend here. Here is a general aviation community where we are all very united. I am waiting for you in these lands.

  • Welcome!! Nice plane!

  • Thanks jetedrick

  • Looks awesome! I also have a Turbo Arrow IV. Cheers!

  • Hi Carlos !
    Very Nice and Beautiful plane !
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
    I am also a proud owner of a 79' Turbo Arrow IV I, and love the Plane.
    You are also invited to come fly with me here in Brazil.
    Best regards

    Paulo Hatschbach
    Private Pilot

  • Hello!
    Thanks for sharing photos! I have traveled with my family many times. Very fond memories! Enjoy!

  • Welcome Carlos! Those pictures look fantastic. Come up to Texas and lead us back to Colombia.


    1963 Cherokee 180 B.

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