IFR material: Kings, Sporty's Gleim, Jepesen?

I want to start my IFR training and looking to order a “package” deal from King, Sporty’s, Jeppesen, or Gleim.

A few CFI’s at the airport and other fellow pilot recommend the Gleim. Plus I see they have a package IFR/commercial for around $350 (less expensive than the others).

One issue with Gleim is that I have a MacBook Pro, on the website it says the software may not be compatible.

What has been your experience with these brands and which would you recommend?
Has anyone used the Geim software on a Mac computer?



  • Probably not too relevent, but every King video I've ever watched has put me to sleep. Kinda like watching Wonderpets. (the grandkids favorite - gimme a break).
  • When doing my private on 2004, I had bought the Sporty's DVD set, then started training at a Cessna Training center and bought their kit which is the King course. I liked the King course better for the explanations and material presentation. Also, it seemed to be more thorough once you get passed the corney jokes they throw in. Some of the corny things can atually make things stick in my brain better, still I would throw them out. Anyway, when I started my IFR, I went ahead and bought the King "Get it All" kits. I guess the most disappointing thing about what I recieved in the kit was that the special subject DVDs are pieced together old stuff, which is not bad I guess, but the frustrating thing is that I have already had to have 2 of the DVDs replaced because they were jumping, skipping and freezing up. If purchased alone, I would not pay the $49 price they have on them, $10-15 maybe. It was easy to get them replaced and no hassle. When I called they didn't question it, they said they would put replacements in the mail. I think it is just a little frustrating when you pay close to $600 for this set of DVD's, there any problems with them at all. Just because of my schedule, I wish that I could play the CD material on the DVD player. I have tried, cannot do it for whatever reason. I really cannot evaluate the effectiveness of the training, because I haven't had much time to study the course material which requires being on a PC. I have gone through the DVD's in the kit when running down the road and listening to them mostly.

    On another note, I purchased the Jeppeson Garmin 430 training and did not like it at all. I then bought the King 430/530 training and it is much better in my opinion than the Jeppeson. The Jeppeson course will be on ebay soon. I wouldn't want to take money from anyone I know on the field.
  • I agree the king presentation being a little boring. I borrowed a few cd's during my PP and din't care for them.

    Any other thoughts? I contacted Gleim and was informed that I would be refunded if unsatisfied. Anyone have experience with them?

    Any other thoughts?
  • I used the King course for my IFR. It was OK. However I found that the course alone wasn't sufficent enough for me. I'm pretty concerned about getting a perfect score, not just passing the knowledge test. I also got the course from Dauntless Aviation. It has the whole battery of test questions and presents them in almost any format you like. I just kept going over the questions. If you get a wrong answer there are explanations. I found the Dauntless material to be very helpful as a supplement to the King Course. You can download a sampler for free from their website.
  • Personally, to save a lot of money.... I just did American Flyers..... 80 bucks on the book to order ahead of time(preferably early enough to where your proficient enough) THEN go to the weekend ground school. 3 days of solid IFR training that is GREAT take the test and your on your way... total investment:
    $80 -book
    $195- class
    info learned- $PRICELESS!
  • I am using both king and sportys. And when I go in the plane under the hood, the real flying is somewhere beyond either courses!, I am also using the IP trainer software with a yoke which has really cleaned out mY flying skills.
  • Sporty's to learn to fly - King to pass the test. My .02.
  • Gleim books work very well and explains the answers very well. I used the Gleim to help me pass the CPA exam. He was a CPA first before he became a pilot.

  • I would find an instructor first and then go with their recommendation. You can also leverage YouTube for content too. 1000's of hours of examples and content.

    The IFR ticket is intimidating, challenging and ultimately rewarding + fun. It is incredibly satisfying to be in the system and you really appreciate the vast air traffic control system worldwide.

    Eric Panning
    1981 Seneca III
    Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)

  • I have had past experience with Gleim and American Flyers. Gleim has been in the training business a VERY long time. They are a bit set in their ways. The content was more than required but not very visually engaging. A hold over from their years of publishing printed material so a bit behind in keeping their course presentation technologies up to date. That was my experience with a Flight Instructor Refresher Course.

    My experience with American Flyers was for my Flight Instructor Certificate a number of years ago. They did an outstanding job with documentation and intensive classroom instruction followed immediately by the written exam.

    Everyone learns differently, but I find that after self study of the available FREE FAA materials/handbooks/etc., followed by a test prep class has worked for me on more than one occasion. Don't overlook the FAA handbooks associated with instrument flight including the Instrument Procedures handbook. A wealth of knowledge well presented and after all, the exam questions will relate to the handbook materials. Same "author" :)

  • One more comment...I am currently taking the King Flight Instructor Refresher Course. I find it engaging, well written and relevant. Some of the supplemental video they include were produced quite a while ago and can be a bit trying to watch sometimes. BUT, they also include many articles written for publication by both John and Martha King and those articles have given me a better appreciation for their extensive background, knowledge, and commitment to improving pilot training that does not always come across in their on screen presentations.

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