Navajo Training?

What are Navajo pilots doing for Initial/Recurring training? In-aircraft? SIMCOM? RTC? Someone else?
I have a PA-31-350 and am based in Florida.
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  • I’ve been to SIMCOM in Orlando. They did a great job. It was all in a simulator, which I highly recommend in a multi engine airplane. I have also been to FlightSafety, also excellent training.
  • I'm using ATP, LLC, based in Vero Beach. Roy will come to you and fly in your airplane. He a great guy and a very patient instructor. Roy is terrific.

  • Great comments and feedback so far...
    Do you have Roy’s phone/email, please?

    Also, I plan to call SIMCOM for a quote.
  • I use "In Flight Review" based in Tampa for In Aircraft Initial/Recurrent in both Chieftain
    and Panther from CFI based in Fort Myers.

    Contact me for details....

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