Saratoga question

I have a warrior -151 and it fills my personal needs nicely, however the wife and 2 kids would like to possibly start taking days trips every so often to the beach in the summer or skiing in the winter. Awesome!
I am considering a Saratoga but i would like some input about how the Saratoga does when not performing its normal mission please. I would say 85 percent of the time it will be just me hooking up with friends for lunch, breakfast or just punching holes in the sky for 2 hrs at a time. How big of a waist will this be? Again my warrior does it perfectly and yes my warrior could do the day trips but the wife plus kids dont enjoy being crammed into the warrior very much.
Any input at all on how the Saratoga or any 6 for that matter does at 3k feet just having fun does and what the costs would be greatly appreciated



  • Hmm. I'm sure others will have comments, but once you set foot in a Saratoga/Lance you'll never get back in the Warrior. So don't even look unless you're sure you're going to make the switch. :) Okay, so insurance, may 50 to 100 percent more. Hangar? Will a Saratoga/Lance fit in your hangar? Fuel: 50 to 100 percent more. Maintenance: probably double. But you'll love it!

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  • Absolutely love my Saratoga. Big step up from a Warrior in terms of space, endurance, speed and comfort

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