Saratoga SP

Can someone verify the proper powe settings for flying both an instrument approach as well as flying the pattern for a Saratoga SP.

TIA for any help provided and experience shared.


  • Please pardon my ignorance in the possible apples to oranges response.

    At these phases of flight, am not sensing much difference in settings to the normally aspirated PA-32 from around the same time period. So with that here is the N/A perspective for runways over 3,000':

    VFR Pattern

    - 2,300 RPM until on final.

    - 18" on downwind to maintain altitude

    ++ Gear-up / flaps up, trim to 100 - 110.

    ++ Gear-down, trim to 90 - 100 (white arc is likely up to 100), start extending flaps.

    - 15" to descend, trim to 90 and stabilize, extend flaps more if appropriate.

    - RPM full forward on final. Should not notice any change in RPMs. Extend flaps to full if appropriate. Adjust power as necessary to control sink rate.

    - Trim to 80 - 85 on short final and do another GUMPS.

    IFR Approach

    - 2,300 RPM until after FAF

    - Just prior to IAF: 18", gear up, trim to 100 (if you can get that slow). Try 17" if the plane does not want to slow down while clean.

    - FAF (or other descent point if no FAF): gear down, 15", flaps 25*, RPM full forward, maintain 90 kts, monitor sink rate (3* is just under 500'/min) and tracking on the glide slope.

    Give the above a try and feel free to share any adjustments.

  • You should be flying airspeeds, not “book settings.” What does your POH say about speeds?

    I own and fly a 79 PA32RT-300T. Previous aircraft are a 79 Archer and 76 Arrow.

  • Agree.

    The only big difference that I am seeing between OP's plane and mine is is charged air. Am sure that there are other minor nuances. Even with that, and in the absence of inputs from somebody with a Saratoga SP, the referenced power settings and configurations should help the OP with a starting point on getting to the speeds. Better yet, work with a CFI to get a good configuration from both the POH and actual flight (like I did).

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