Looking for a CFI for a Arrow III Turbo near Philly

I just purchased a 1977 Arrow III Turbo and I need 10-hours of instruction in it to meet the insurance requirements. The plane will be based at KDYL.


  • Legacy AVIATION at PNE. Ask for CFI Jim Zarakis. Jim has thousands of hours and flies regularly with me in my Piper Arrow.

    Good luck. Scott N9091Y

  • It is very unlikely you will need 10 hrs of pattern work + maneuvers. I would take these 10 required hrs and plan out a fun cross country that pushes your limits. You have an excellent traveling machine. Try and land at a different airport everytime! ;)

    Operating the fixed waste gate TSIO-360 is easy. Apply throttle to MP limits vs full throttle and you have 90% of the engine transition. After take off you pull back for climb power and just bump up the throttle to match MP every now and then as you climb. Should do at least one surprise go-around. If there is a time when you are going to go full throttle by mistake it will not be on take off but on a surprise go-around.

    If you have an O2 system use it. Also use the time to build a configuration table with approach speeds, power settings, flaps/gear config, etc. No pilot knows enough about weather. Extract as much as you can from your instructor.

    Fly it light and fly at gross. Try some grass landings if your insurance allows.

    If you are Instrument rated test everything under the hood with the instructor. Fold a BFR and IPC into these 10 hrs too. You might be having such a blast that you go well beyond 10 hrs ;)

    Most of all - Have Fun!

    Eric Panning
    1981 Seneca III
    Hillsboro, OR (KHIO)

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