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Hi folks,

I'm considering taking (Guy in Pink Shirt aka Gary Reeves) IFR training so that I can learn my new Avidyne systems and enhance single pilot IFR skills.

His course is 3 days and runs around $12K

I'm curious if anyone here has gone thru his course and what feedback / comments you have.

Obviously $12K is a chunk of change...

Thank you



  • 12K is a planeload of AMUs. Have you at least looked at https://pilotworkshop.com/ ? They have a wide array of training and I'd recommend their "Real World IFR" offering. As for the Avidyne specifically, besides the manual and time spent on the ground with the unit, have you tried searching youtube? I suspect you might find 80% of what your looking for for 20% (or less) of the price.


  • Avidyne has free training videos on their website. I use them frequently and they are very good. https://www.avidyne.com/video-library/

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    If the goal is to gain an IFR cert at completion of those 3 days, and the starting point is solely VFR, I guess the price is about right for an accelerated course with expectation of a new endorsement at the end. Would have to include lodging, meals, and commercial transportation to attract me.

    Although, that math comes to ~$500 an hour. Narrative so far implies that this is simply for familiarity along with some skills enhancement (read: already have IFR endorsement). With that, in my local metro area I can work with a CFI from one of the many flight schools, and rent one of their planes, for under half that rate. Way less if flying is in my own plane (ignoring set-asides for maintenance). And even in the most expensive place I have encountered for CFI rates (So Cal), I would still come out way ahead compared to the pink shirt deal. At the $500 an hour rate, probably only need one or two paying candidates a month to cover all operating costs, where everything after that is gravy.

  • Hi Jacob,

    To clarify, I am already a IFR rated pilot and current pilot. This particular 3 day course is geared towards in depth learning of a specific avionics set (IFD440/IFD550 in my case) and the use of that gear in single pilot IFR operations. All is done in the pilot's own aircraft.

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    That was about what I figured about already having IFR and just wanted to make sure.

    Were these my funds and goal, I'd consider working with a local CFI, pool of local CFIs, or local flight school. Secondary benefit is building long term relationships. Besides, it is just a matter of time until the next BFR comes due, and there is no substitute for a CFI that already knows both pilot and plane.

    For a data point, about two years ago I hired a CFI to fly completely cross country with me (could see the Atlantic and Pacific oceans from each endpoint) for both assistance with the ferry and instructional time. Took 2-1/2 days / 2 nights as we did not have the luxury of scenic time. After lodging (separate rooms), meals, and a last minute commercial ticket to fly back home (including ~50 mile taxi ride) for the CFI, could easily do another two continental crossing's worth within a $12K budget. Probably three more in 'then' money.

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    I have not taken his IFR course. But I did spend $100 on a training video from said instructor on the Garmin 430. Many segments were filmed in flight, in “real world” conditions, including “real world” turbulence, for a “real world” training experience. I found it impossible to watch.

    As others have said, there is a plethora of good, free training material available on the web and from Avidyne themselves. I do understand the benefits and desire to attend live classroom instruction. It was my career for 40+ years, but I attended a Robinson Helicopter three day factory safety training class, including flight time, including travel and living to the west coast, for less than 1/10 of that.

    But $12,000 dollars??? I’d rather get a few hours in a P51 Mustang 😬

    +1 on jacobsja comment .



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