Gatts 7 day IFR program

I'm thinking of going to Gatts school in KS to do my 7 day IFR. Was wondering if anyone here has taken the course since the new owners purchased it and what their experiences were.


  • I am a graduate of their program from 2019, pre-Covid, so maybe things have changed, but…

    They had two full time instructors plus the new owner who also was an instructor. It is fast paced, but total immersion, so it’s really good for advanced ratings. They are pretty chill about the whole process which told me that their accelerated methodology works well.

    I had a great experience and flew 38 hours total in their 172RG. I got my complex endorsement incidental to my IFR rating which was a nice bonus. I flew most of my training with one instructor, then finished with the other for test prep. This is how they ensure you are ready with an instructor cross check. There was some sim time, but they only used that on poor weather days. I also flew in actual IMC during training and shot some ASR and “no gyro” PAR approaches at the nearby army base.

    They provide very nice housing in a downtown apartment, a crew car and pay for the checkride as all part of the fixed fee.

    My favorite instructor was Willie and he still seems to be associated with them to provide contract instruction in his own plane… I think he calls his business AirFlo. He truly was awesome, explained things in practical ways and is a retired Army guy, so he’s not just building hours, but rather committed to instruction.

    Flying in Kansas was interesting for me… lots of crosswind there. You can emergency land everywhere compared to the northeast. Lots of true airmen all over. I took my checkride with a DPE at New Century Airfield where Garmin tests their avionics products. He gives two checkrides per day, 7 days per week and keeps the plastic certificate punch holes in a huge plastic bag as a souvenir… Legendary!

    I would go back for my Commerical certificate when I can find the time.

    Greg Arserio | PP-ASEL-Instrument | N8390C 1976 Archer II | Rochester, NY (Based at KSDC)

  • Hey guys, I'm thinking of doing my IFR training with GATT. Passed my written in October of 23 and have logged about 14 hours under the hood with a few fellow pilots. Have a new Garmin panel ... 2 275's a gtn 750xi and their GFC500 autopilot. Have done a few GNAV approaches and am planning on learning ILS and VOC approaches.

    Can you shed some light on things I need to know, etc


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