Looking for some recurrent training near OSH

I have quite a bit of time in PA-28 ( archer and an Arrow) but it’s been some time since I’ve been behind the wheel .

lot of recent time in a C-150 and would like to get some stalls, slow flight and landings in a Cherokee 180, if possible.


  • How near? How soon? Do you have access to a 180 and only need the instructor, or do you also need the aircraft? Have you checked the flight schools in your area? Where did you previously fly the PA-28? More info would be helpful and may trigger a contact.

  • Somewhere mid state, I guess out to Wausau would work as well.

    Sometime in the next couple weeks would be good and i don't have access to a Cherokee yet, but am in the process of buying my own.

    I did check flight school and came up empty.

    Previously flew an Arrow out west at Utah Valley University and the Archer and another Arrow down at SIUC. I have 90 hours in type, but it's been a while.

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    Do you live in Oshkosh? “Out to Wausau” from where? That would give me a radius.

    I provided transition training for a fellow who recently purchased a Cherokee. His insurance company required 5 hours dual in the aircraft. Sounds like you have that covered.

    I am based in Kenosha and have many hours in the PA-28-180.

  • I’m in Appleton, but could make a trip down that way.

    Im good as far as insurance goes, it’s just been some time since I’ve been up in a Cherokee and specifically this one doesn’t have toe brakes, which from what I hear is ok, but I’ve never tried just the hand brake before.

  • I will send you a PM to discuss further.

  • By the way, taxiing without toe breaks is the best way to learn proper taxi speed 😬

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