CFI for PPL in Ft. Lauderdale-Boca Raton area

I'm in the late stages of my PPL. Need someone to take me to the end. And then I'd like to roll into my instrument rating shortly after. I own a 1967 PA-28-180 that is very well-maintained.


  • Should not have much trouble in that section of the county. Hard to go any notable distance without getting in glide range of an airfield.

    This begs the rhetorical question of what happened to the CFI that got you this far. By "late stages", I interpret as you have solo endorsement which should keep things somewhat easier with transitioning to the next CFI.

    Another path from the above post is calling the local (or a different) flight schools. Sure this might cost a few extra $$, but it provides a better likelihood of a quality individual.

  • I'll check out that NAFI site right away. Thanks.

    Regarding my current CFI, it's been my son primarily up to now. He's a great instructor and I've really enjoyed the process, but he's just taken a new job that isn't going to leave him with the time I'll need and I want to move through it with no lapses at this point. And yes, I've solo'ed.

  • Big fan of independent, highly-experienced instructors, especially former (or current) military. I try to avoid flight schools, especially the large-well known ones, at all costs!

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